Dance and Heal:

Your on demand class with Jenny C. Cohen

Video access to a somatic centered movement and stretch practice to become present throughout your day.


After my breast cancer treatment, I felt traumatized and completely lost. I found myself unable to find myself in the mirror. I would be at the theater, dressed in full dance costume with all my makeup on, eyelashes and everything, and I couldn't see MYSELF - only the outline of the costume and the outlines of my hair - not my face or my body. My eyes would skirt over my actual reflection and my brain was unable to process it.

I thought I was “being there” for everyone just as I used to. I was actually adrift at sea completely lost and not even aware of it. I found my way back through and later designed my DISCOVER process to help others do the same.

You can incorporate movement into your daily routine and discover its healing power.

Since the "Panini", aren't you often secretly search for ways to feel "normal" again. You are not alone! I, Jenny C. Cohen, have a process to help people feel more whole now even as we are all post lockdown which has been proven to have caused trauma on a global level.

I invite you to try the first steps to get present and feel safe!


Block off time and clear a space for movement.


Do the first 30 minutes or the entire hour!


Repeat 2x this week! 

LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKED IT and how soon you want the rest of the series!!

Dance To Heal

Get present with Jenny

Video access to a movement practice to become present.

About Jenny C. Cohen

Jenny C Cohen is a multi time #1 best selling author and creator of a multi-faceted program. After she survived breast cancer, she healed through the very same modalities offered through Dance to Heal Wellness. Jenny is an award winning performance artist, mom who homeschooled her fraternal twins (through IVF) to college, college/elite level sports coach, Occupational Therapist and yoga guide.

Dance to Create

Get present with Jenny to access your creativity

Video access to a movement practice to become present.